My Fishing

Looking back at my youth, I can honestly say that I cannot remember a time in my life when I wasn't a fisherman... I have been very fortunate to have grown up with a father who passionately loves the outdoors, and who has dedicated countless hours of his time sharing outdoor experiences with me--even when I was a little boy. In fact, one of my earliest childhood memories is riding on my dad's shoulders as we crossed a local trout stream on the first day of the season. It is without question that I owe my love of the outdoors and fishing in particular to my father, who passed it on to me at an early age.

Through the years, I have been fortunate enough to follow my own fishing passions from my sweet-water roots here in PA, to the Great Lakes and the salt-waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Along the way I've traveled a lot, seen a lot, and learned a lot about angling... I've also soaked in many sunrises, sunsets, and spent many nights enjoying starlit skies and cold sand under foot. I've been jarred awake by the sound of line peeling from my reel along a deserted island beach, and I've seen tarpon leap higher in the air than I am tall.  I've set my sleeping patterns in accordance with the tides, and I've nearly lost my life on a couple wave washed jetties (feel free to skip over that part, Mom)... :)

At this point in my life, I feel like I have been extremely blessed to have experienced all that I have through my angling pursuits. Now that I am once again living at home in PA, a new chapter has "re-opened" in my angling journey--and that is spending more time on the water with my wife and our family--sharing new (and old) experiences with the people in my life who matter the most. Now, instead of chasing stripers, I am chasing smallmouth... and instead of soaking bait for bull red drum, I am burning bucktails for muskies. Lately, I've been spending more time along the river bank with my father, instead of on a lonely jetty by myself... And I am having more fun now than ever before! 

With all things being equal, isn't that what fishing is about? Sharing with each other in our joys and our successes... Setting goals and achieving them, and likewise being there for each other through the failures and defeats that inevitably come--experiencing new things, and likewise, re-visiting old places.

One of the wonderful things about this website is that I feel like I can share some of my angling adventures with you guys (readers) here as well... So thanks for stopping by. Thanks for following, and thanks for reading. It's time to let the sharing begin... Woo Hoo! :)