About Me

First, I'd like to welcome you to my site... I hope you stay a while! 

Let's see, a little bit about me:  In a nutshell, I guess you could say that I was born a country boy in central PA... and I'm still a country boy in central PA. I've just traveled a bit, caught a bunch of fish, and hopefully learned some things in the process (well maybe not, ask my wife...ha ha).

I have a bunch of interests and hobbies, but the one I am most passionate about is fishing--hence, the birth of this web page.

I have an absolutely beautiful wife, Marianne, who is the light of my life... an equally awesome love and friend. We also have a beautiful daughter (our puppy dog) Lucy... We live in a small town in central Pennsylvania, which happens to be nearby both sides of our immediate family. It's my hope that you will get to know my wife and I (Lucy too), and our friends and family members through the pictures and stories I will share with you here on this page.

Thank you for visiting "Toby Jones Fishing!"