Thursday, July 18, 2013


Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! If you've spent much time in the outdoors of central PA lately, you obviously know that summer has arrived... Man it has been hot! Aside from some nice evening walks, most of our time has been best spent inside recently--soaking up the A/C, chasing Trevor around the house while playing "Candy Crush" (Marianne), and getting caught up on our DVR recordings like "Under the Dome!" Haha... I don't know if its the heat or what, but for some reason I am in the mood right now for some summer-time tunes, so to keep the theme going--here is one of my all time favorite classics, straight up from the streets of west Philadelphia! :-)
 Looking back to this past Spring and early summer, we did have some great fishing! In spite of the late spring, our local smallmouth bite turned out to be really good this year, until the season ended May 1st. After that, most of my fishing switched to toothy critters and fortunately they cooperated pretty well this spring also. I wasn't really able to put much time in, but with minimal effort I was lucky land a couple nice skis and also hook a couple more that were somehow able to narrowly escape before getting their picture taken, haha! Some epic topwater strikes this spring, and some great memories!
My buddy Jeremy, from Tuscarora Tackle also had some luck with the toothy critters this past season... Here is a pic he sent me of a real beautiful tiger musky that he landed this spring--sweet fish Jeremy! 
Freshwater wasn't the only game in town for us this past season. We were lucky enough to take an awesome week-long family vacation to Martha's Vineyard. The weather was great, the scenery beautiful, and the fish did not disappoint! I know I have mentioned before that MV is my favorite place on the East Coast... Every time I am able to go there I consider myself blessed, and this trip was no different. It was really nice to relax and spend some time with family, enjoy early summer weather in New England, see familiar sights, smell some striped bass slime! And of course eat some awesome food!

Trevor also did really well on the trip, and it is becoming more and more apparent to me that he is starting to show signs of the great angling potential that I know he has brewing inside him... Before long, we will be starting his Jedi training! :-)

For now, I guess I will get on with sharing pics from our trip as well as some of our local fish from this past spring and early summer. Oftentimes, I think the pics speak better for themselves than I can for them... I hope you enjoy!





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