Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

Welcome back fisher-men and fisher-ladies! Considering it is now April, and we have long since passed the vernal equinox, I think it is safe to say that spring has officially sprung here in central PA... We had a long cold winter this year... In fact, now that spring is here I am sure that many of us can seriously relate to "Hal" from the Kingsford grilling commercial... Please, "somebody get this man a burger!" :)

Still, through the wind and the cold, and the ice and the snow... we somehow managed to coat our hands with slime a few times this past winter. This year was nothing like last year, but in a dynamic system like the Susquehanna--that is to be expected. More recently, however, it seems things have gotten back to normal somewhat, as the action on our local flows has picked up quite well with the pre-spawn smallmouth bite taking off.
 In addition to our local bronzebacks, my Dad, my nephew Gabe, and I were also lucky enough to enjoy a quick day and a half trip to Erie for some steelhead action a couple weeks ago. Gabe landed his first 2 steelhead on our trip, and dad and I were able to get a few chromers to bank as well. We were both very proud of Gabe as he looked like an old pro along the banks of elk creek--fighting and landing his first spring steel!
Another notable catch from this past winter was my nephew Bailey's new PB smallmouth... A beautiful 21 3/4 inch, 5 lb + beast. Congrats Bailey!

On the toothy critter front... It was a pretty slow cold water season for me this past year, not at all like the previous. Last Novermber, I managed one 37 inch ski that I mentioned in my previous post... Then a week later I scored a nice 39 incher on a COLD early December morning, which eventually turned out to be my last fish of 2012.  The cold and low water set in soon after that last fish and made things pretty tough... But fast-forwarding to March, I somehow got lucky and landed a pretty little, fat 33 incher, that gobbled up a 7 inch tube, one afternoon while Dad and I were hitting a local eddy. With the limited time I've had to fish muskies lately, definitely feel lucky to have gotten that first ski of 2013.

With spring now upon us, let's hope the warming trends continue and the fish keep snapping here in 2013! Until my next entry, thanks again for reading, and I wish you all the best of luck on the water! :)



  1. Thanks Tob. Great read and nice shots!- Andy

  2. Hey Andy... Good to hear from you, thanks for the note!

    Hopefully see you around soon... I'm sure you guys are counting down the days!