Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A long dry-spell...... :)

 Hey guys, welcome back! Talk about a long dry-spell... It seems like it has been since forever that I have posted here! It also seems like since forever that we have had some decent rain and normal flows in our local waterways. This summer has been a hot one so far--hot and dry! Unfortunately our local flows have been in pretty rough shape... In fact, according to the USGS website, the Harrisburg gauge on the Susquehanna recorded water temps at almost 90 degrees just a week ago.... That, my friends, is some scary warm water. Let's say our prayers and hope for some cooler temps and some rain to help make things a little more comfortable for our slime-covered friends!
As far as fishing reports go... I do have a little bit to share with you. Due to the water temps it has been a while since I have done much fishing locally, but I was fortunate to make a short beach run this past week. My nephew Bailey and my buddy Chad both came along with me. We fished 2 nights hoping to connect with some Delmarva resident stripers and also spent the better part of a day fishing for some flounder.

As luck would have it, we didn't get skunked... But we didn't end up setting things on fire though either. Water temps were very high (in the upper 70s), which makes the striper fishing tough and also unfortunately tends to draw in numbers of huge stingrays. Had our fishing trip been centered around catching rays, we would have had an awesome time LOL! In the end, I ended up landing the trip's only striper (which actually was a very nice-sized one--for me especially, ha ha), and we each had to settle for just a couple small flounder. In fact, I think Bailey may have set the record for catching the smallest flounder on record! :)
 Back home in the rivers, My nephew Gabe and my Dad have been keeping some of the local smallmouths honest. In fact, Gabe caught a beautiful smallie a couple weeks ago that was his new personal best. He has also recently taken up fly fishing and has been enjoying catching a number of fish on flies that he has been tying lately. Not to be outdone by his brother, my nephew Bailey also adopted a new hobby this summer--noodling for catfish! Ha ha!
 In closing, I just want to thank you guys for dropping by my site and reading from time to time... Obviously it has been a while since I've posted any updates. With all that Marianne and I have going on at home, I would say that chances are this trend will continue through the coming months; however, I fully intend to keep the blog going here... And will in time get back to posting more often I am sure. As always, I wish you guys and gals best of luck when you get out on the water... Hopefully, I will be seeing you out there! :)

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