Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guess what... It's almost fall! :)

If you've been outside much lately, I'm sure you've noticed the air has been a lot cooler. But it's not just the air that has been changing... the days have been growing much shorter as well, and the nights seem way longer. Our air conditioners haven't been running nearly as much at the house either. Without a doubt, fall is in the air! In fact, in a few more days it will officially be fall... Every year about this time I start getting excited!

Many of us throughout Central PA have endured some tough times the past couple weeks due to wet weather and some major flooding. There really hasn't been much to get excited about. Still, with fall soon upon us, hopefully we will be able to focus more on the good times and good weather that is still ahead of us this coming season.

There is so much for an outdoors-man or woman to do in fall... And we live in the perfect region to make the decisions even harder. "Let's see... Should I go fishing or hunting? Well, the steelhead are starting to run up in Erie, but the bucks are starting to make scrapes up on the ridge." Or, "I could make a run down to New Jersey and do some striper fishing, but then I'd probably miss a weekend of great bass angling at home!" In fall, the choices are many... But we truly are blessed to be able to make these "tough" choices! :)

I can tell you that Marianne and I have a plan for getting our fall started out right. Next week we will be headed to Martha's Vineyard for a nice, week-long trip with my Mom and Dad. The Vineyard is one of my favorite places on this earth, and if you have ever been lucky enough to spend much time there, I am sure it is one of your favorite places as well. I imagine that heaven is not all that unlike Martha's Vineyard.

I know, I seriously cannot wait for this trip! We have a lot of fun stuff planned--mostly involving fishing, but also a good bit of eating too, ha ha! Hopefully I will be able to keep all of you informed about our trip as it is going on... So stay tuned! But for now, here are a few pics that bring back some great memories from previous trips to the Vineyard through the years. :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Pre- and Post- Irene... Man, she was MEAN!

Hi guys! Welcome back to the site... :)

Since my last entry we have experienced some excitement here in PA, and all along the East Coast of the US for that matter. Last week Hurricane Irene came to visit us... And unfortunately she turned out to be a very UN-welcomed guest for many. Hurricane force winds, torrential downpours, battering waves, and a massive storm surge caused billions of dollars worth of damage across the East Coast of the US...and left many without electricity for days.

Fortunately for those of us north and west of the city of Harrisburg, the storm wasn't too bad. We received just over an inch of rain at my house, and although the winds were pretty bad at times, we were
lucky that our power remained uninterrupted.

Looking at the USGS Stream Flow Data, basically all the waterways from the Susquehanna on east are currently running high and muddy. Still, the nearby Juniata River is one of our local flows that was spared any significant amount of runoff from the storm... In fact, it never really rose more than about 6" according to the Newport gauge. So, lucky for us, we were actually able to do some fishing this past week.

We hit the river twice this past week--once right before the storm, and then again a couple days later. My Dad and I had high hopes that our local smallmouth would be putting on a major feed right before Irene arrived at our doorstep. In the end, we did catch a few fish each, but the bite never did turn out to be what we were hoping. Our second trip to the river didn't turn out much better either... In fact the fishing was a little bit slower than normal, as it seemed the fish were lying low and had not yet recuperated from the storm. Still, we did manage a few fish--with my nephew Bailey catching the nicest.

Hopefully all of you guys and gals were able to come through the storm OK. Let's hope that our weather will stabilize and remain favorable through the next couple of weeks... If it does, before long we will all be able to get back out there and do some fishing. Until my next entry, best of luck to you all and thanks again for reading! :)