Monday, May 9, 2011

May flowers? Well, we are getting there... :)

Since my last entry, things haven't exactly dried off... This past April turned out to be the wettest on record here in PA. At times the rain just seemed to keep coming, and the rivers just seemed to keep rising.

The tough weather this spring hasn't helped our river fishing much--especially here in the central part of the state. There have been some short windows of opportunity between storms, but they haven't lasted long... And most of our best spots have been unfishable since early March.

Still, this kind of thing can't go on forever... And in fact, things have been starting to look up this past week as we experienced a few days w/ sunny skies and very little rain. I know it's hard to believe but our local weather forecast is calling for more of the same this coming week.

In spite of the past high flows, we have been able to hit the river (occasionally) and have put some decent fish on the bank at times. Most all of our fish have been coming on jigs, tipped w/ soft plastics... and darker colors that present a decent profile in the muddy water.

Here are a couple pics from this past month of smallmouth fishing in Central PA. Also as a bonus, I will let my last pic provide you with a sneak peak into the subject of my next entry--which will be about a quick trip I made to visit and fish w/ my good buddy Zack... :)

Until my next entry, thanks again for reading and best of luck to you on the water.

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