Monday, April 4, 2011

Finally, it's time for a fishing report!!! :)

Yes, believe it or not my Dad and I actually did make it up to Erie this past week... And boy am I glad we waited as long as we did to go. Conditions were very good (almost perfect really) for float fishing--which is my favorite way to target steelhead.

Last week's rain had produced some high flows, but by the time we arrived on Tuesday things had receded. Still, there was plenty of water in the creeks for us, and the visibility was just right IMO--with a nice green color in the deeper holes.We ended up fishing a half day on Tuesday and then a full day on Wednesday. Our previous plan was to fish Thursday morning also, but when we awoke we were greeted by a couple inches of fresh snow... So we figured it best to forgo the morning fishing and concentrate on a safe drive home.

As far as the fish go, it seemed like there weren't quite as many fish as in most years past. But we did find a decent mix of fresh and battle-scarred veterans... It was obvious that a lot of the fish had already spawned and were dropping back downstream, but we did catch a good number of chromers--fresh from the lake.

At the end of our fishing, we totaled 25 steelhead between us... Dad had 12 and I had 13. The vast majority of the fish were caught on jigs (like the ones in my post from March 18th) that were tipped with minnows. My largest fish of the trip was a beautiful chrome hen that measured 30 inches, and I believe Dad's best fish was almost identical in size to mine.

Man, looking back it seems like such a long time since Dad and I had fished the tribs... In fact, throughout our trip we were constantly commenting to each other about how nice it was to be back in Erie--watching our floats drift downstream again. Of coarse, the best part of the trip is always hooking a fish and feeling that strong head-shake of a large trout on the end of your line... Spending some great father-son fishing time was pretty darn nice as well.

Until next entry, thanks for reading and best of luck to you on the water... :)


  1. Hey bud...looks like you guys had a great trip catching some big old girls. Anxious to meet up here soon. Let me know if you wanna take another trip to Erie here soon. I'd make it a day trip...those Steelies are always worth it.

  2. Looks like you guys were free from crowds too...that's unusual, but I'm sure you weren't complaining. haha Great pics!

  3. Hey thanks buddy! Yeah the crowds really weren't bad. We actually had nice spots to ourselves at times... Which we both know doesn't happen very often in Erie, haha. We were there weekdays and I think that helped a lot.

    It would be great to make a day trip... run might be winding down though so we'd have to do it pretty soon.

    Can't wait to meet up... It's been way tooo long! I bet you are looking forward to summer.