Friday, April 22, 2011

April Showers...

Man, is it ever going to stop raining? Don't get me wrong, after last year's hot, dry weather it is nice to see things starting out cool and wet this year... But man, I haven't been on the river in almost a month. Even the lakes I like to fish have been messed up by the heavy rain. Let's hope these April showers lead to some very nice flowers (and fish) come May... :)

This past week I finally had enough of watching WFN, cruising fishing websites, and just plain thinking about fishing... I had to get out. Fortunately, I got just the right opportunity to sneak out for a quick trip on Tuesday morning.

There was a break in the rain, so I quickly put my hip boots on and headed to the creek... A good opportunity to re-visit some of my old brown trout friends.

Just as I arrived at the stream it started raining again--figures, lol. Fortunately the creek looked nice, so I decided to fish in spite of the rain.
Luckily, it didn't take long to get into my first fish. Actually it came on my second cast--a beautiful, hard-fighting brown in the 13 to 14 inch range. After landing and releasing that beautiful fish I was happy and could have left the stream content with the awesome fish I had just caught. Still, I decided I should fish a little bit longer. So I gave it about 20 minutes and hit a couple more likely looking holes. After I had landed my 4th pretty little brownie it was time to head home--best to minimize my interaction with this small, delicate system on this day.

Hopefully by my next entry, things will have cleared up and dried off a little bit... But until then, thanks again for reading and best of luck to you on the water.

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