Monday, March 28, 2011

A sneak peek into my 2011 Tackle Box... Part II :)

Welp, unfortunately I don't have any steelhead to share with you this week. Last week's trip ended up being rained out, so we decided to stay home and fish our local rivers (which turned out to be quite productive thankfully)... We ARE planning a trip for this coming week however, so if everything goes right I will hopefully have some steelie pics to share with you soon.

For now, I promised I would give you guys a second sneak peek into my 2011 tackle box... so I guess I should follow through with that.

This entry will be a little bit different than the last. It will be mostly pics. I've picked out a few cool new baits to try this year. These are not necessarily baits that are brand new to the market, rather they are new to me. An example would be the first lure I would like to share with you. It is the Booyah Boogie Bait:

The Boogie Bait is a type of chatterbait. These baits have been around for quite a while now... and are one of the those lure types that I have just kind of skipped over for some reason. Well, I'm going to fix that in 2011. In fact I started fishing them a couple weeks ago... and I caught a nice 19" smallmouth on one last week (pictured at the top). I love the vibration that these chatterbaits produce, they are sure to get a lot of time in 2011.

Next, are some hard bodied swimbaits... All three of these baits are BBZ models from SPRO--one is a 6 inch trout and the others are the 4 inch shads. If you've ever fished with me, you probably know that I am a swimbait fan... But until now I haven't spent much time fishing hard swimbaits. Most of my time and success has been with soft models. Hopefully 2011 will change that as I put these baits through their paces. I can tell you one thing.... They all look amazing in the water.Your last and final "sneak peak" for 2011 is going to be at a nice little musky glide bait that I picked up recently. It is the 4 inch Phantom Softtail...
And here it is next to its older (6 inch) brother... I have fished the 6 inch model in the past and really liked its action, so when I had a chance to pick up a couple 4 inch phantoms I did. Pictured is the "sucker" pattern bait, but I also picked up a "white-belly perch" model. These guys look real nice and their action is great in the water... Exactly like the larger sizes, just in a smaller profile. I know of a few muskies and some large bass that will get a look at these lures this coming season. I can't wait to try them out!

Btw, it is only the hard body of this bait that is 4 inches long... When measured from the nose to the end of the soft tail, the bait measures almost 5 1/2 inches in total length.

Well...I guess that concludes your sneak peek into this year's tackle box. And hey, just so you know--there is a lot more that I haven't shown you... HA HA HA!!! :)


  1. Toby,

    Congrats on that nice bass, glad to hear you were able to get out. The river's starting to look fishable again!

    I think you'll love the hard swimbaits. I'm a big fan of them but I mostly use the Tru Tungsten baits. I've taken some big smallies on the river with them.

    Good luck with the steelies!


  2. Thanks Jeremy... Just got back from Erie this afternoon. The steelie trip was defintely a success. We had a great time.

    You are right, that river is looking real good. Can't wait to get back out there.

    I have a feeling those swimbaits are going to see a lot of action this year. I was really impressed with the way they swim... especially the shads. They really just look alive in the water and they come with good hooks, which is a plus haha.