Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Flood of March 2011...

Well guys and gals... We waited all winter for these warming temps and free flowing rivers--and boy do we have them now!

The rivers have gone from being totally unfishable due to ice, to being totally unfishable due to high! Oh well, such is the life and times of a river angler I guess.

Needless to say, I haven't really done any fishing this past week, but I did spend a little bit of time along the river bank yesterday morning. I grabbed my digital camera and made a few stops at familiar places along the Susquehanna and Juniata on my way home from work. The water was raging, and there were a few places under water I have not seen that way before.The Juniata itself did not reach flood-stage on either the Newport or the Lewistown gauges this week, but the Susquehanna did. Both the Sunbury and the Harrisburg gauges crested above flood stage (indicated by the red line in the graphs below).
Yesterday morning Front Street was closed by the Fort Hunter boat access area, as the river backed up into Fishing Creek and covered both the parking lot by the ramp and the roadway with water and debris.
"The Wall" down by the mouth of the Juniata was also completely submerged--as was the campground on the opposite side of the river. The Rt. 849 bridge was also closed, cutting off traffic from Rt. 322 heading to and from Duncannon.
This obviously wasn't the flood of the century, but it has been the largest that we've seen in the past few years. I tried to get a few pics of places that some of you might recognize... I wish my camera work would have been a little better, but it is what it

Let's hope these waters recede quickly and we are back to chasing our favorite river fish in no time. Thanks again for reading and best of luck when you finally can get back out there!


  1. I was really looking forward to doing some fishing this week but it looks like it will be awhile till the river is fishable again. On a lighter note, I picked up some tiny little Rapala X-Raps that are going to be killer for some brownies this month. My favorite little Class A (which shall remain nameless) gets pretty hot in March...interested?


  2. Ha ha... You know I'm interested Jeremy. I just saw they came out with a few new colors in the small x-raps. They should be great for those brownies yer right!

    Let's go! :)