Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wintertime windows... Hit 'em when you can! :)

Welp... In spite of the wind, the rain, the sleet and snow we actually did make it out to do some fishing this past week! :)

I had off work last Tuesday and Wednesday, but the weather forecast wasn't all that favorable with predictions of snow for Tuesday and then sleet and freezing rain Wednesday. No matter how much I wanted to fish, it didn't seem like it was going to happen. I had high hopes the weather man would be wrong, but when Tuesday and then Wednesday rolled around, oh boy, it was icy! However (and against all odds) by mid-day on Wednesday things began to warm up, most of the ice had melted and the roads were clear. So... my Dad, my nephew Bailey, and I were able to take advantage of our short window of opportunity and we hit the river.

We fished a nice ice-free zone for a couple hours, and found some decent fish biting. Dad caught the most fish out of all of us, but Bailey turned out to be the hero of the trip when he landed a fat 19 inch smallmouth. All our fish came on jigs and plastics or a hair jigs... I tried, but could not entice any strikes on a suspending jerkbait. Interestingly, the fish seemed to be set up a good distance away from the shoreline--probably set up behind rocks or some sort of bottom structure--likely the result of the low clear conditions.

Hopefully soon we will get a decent warm rain to warm up the ground, break up the ice, and get some good runoff into our local tribs. This should kick the fishing up a notch when it happens... However, I should say that I am somewhat impressed with this winter's fishing so far. It has definitely been better than last year, imho. February is one of our best months here in PA for big fish, so I'm looking forward to what this month has in store for us. Until next entry, thanks again for reading and good luck on the water when you get out there.

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