Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Steelers are going to the Super Bowl!!! :) And oh yeah, we caught some fish...

I'm going to keep this one short... But I have to say, this past week has been great! I learned a good bit about some new water, I got to spend some good time with my Dad, we found some hungry fish, and best of all--the Steelers are going to the Super Bowl! Ha ha... :)

Man by the end of this past week, it sure seemed like it had been a long time since I had last gotten out to do some fishing. Fortunately, my schedule and my fishing drive finally came into sync this past week, and I was able to hit the river. Three times I fished a nice ice-free section of water--twice solo and once with my Dad. All three trips were productive with numerous types of fish. Dad and I each caught a small musky this past week, and he landed a nice walleye as well. As usual, the majority of the fish caught were smallmouths, and most were good-sized fish in the 15 to 17 inch range--the largest being a nice 19+ incher.

Also, as usual, most of our fish were caught on jigs and various soft plastics. However, I did actually land a few bass on a suspending jerkbait--including the largest fish mentioned above. Considering it's January and conditions were pretty brutal at times, the bass were pretty aggressive and fought surprisingly hard this past week. I really couldn't have asked for more.

It is days like I experienced this past week that remind me how lucky we are (here in central PA) to have such great fishing for these awesome creatures year-round here in our local waters. To have 15 degree temps, with a stiff breeze blasting in your face and still have a nice smallmouth bass jumping on the end of your line is not something to be taken for granted. Keep that in mind the next time you are out enjoying some wintertime smallmouth fun on our local waters. Until next entry, thanks again for reading and good luck on the water! :)


  1. Great post, you are a master at taking sweet photos. We need to get out together soon!

    BTW, I'm a Packers fan, GO PACKERS!!!


  2. Ha ha! Thanks Jeremy... I guess I won't hold that against you--at least for now.

    We should get out sometime maybe next week, before the big game. Otherwise feelings may be hurt... Lol! :)

  3. Sounds good, let me know what your schedule is like this week.

  4. Jeremy... I was hoping to go Tuesday or Wednesday, but it's not looking too good for driving conditions.

    Would like to be on the river right now though, I bet they'd be snappin'! Mayb we can shoot for next week some morning. I'll email you.

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