Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas came early this week... :)

Somebody must have forgotten to ask Marianne, because somehow I made the "nice" list again this year... :) It turns out that Santa (actually the Good Lord) left a nice, toothy-little present for me in a local river eddy this past week. It was nice to have the many hours of fishing and not catching pay off. She measured 37 inches, and swam away strongly after our brief encounter.

Dad and I fished on three separate afternoons, and scored some good smallies too. It was cold, but definitely worth it. Not too bad for freezing cold December weather... :)


  1. Congrats buddy! Nice fish!

  2. Hey thanks Chad! I was excited... Next we got to get one of those big tigers that you and I saw last year.

  3. Toby, I was in to see Marianne on Monday and she said that you had caught a nice muskie and you were still doing some fishing. I'd like to get out and do some fishing with you in the next week or two if you have the time. I know a spot or two where the muskies hang out...

    Jeremy Wagner
    Tuscarora Tackle

  4. Hi Jeremy... Thanks for the note!

    Sounds great to me... I'm always up for fishing--especially muskies. Hopefully this weather will ease up a little and we'll be able to get out. Keep in touch, and we'll plan something for sure.