Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On the water with Pops :)

Man it seems like the past couple of weeks have been tough for finding time out on the water... Still, Dad and I were able to get out and spend a few hours chasing some smallies around the river one morning last week.

The river levels had finally receded to the point where we could wade fish an area that is often productive for us... So we donned our waders and hit the water.

Fortunately for us, the fish were there... :)

We fished mainly jigs and soft plastics... tubes, grubs, and small swimbaits. When we finally finished up, I had around 15 total bass and Dad had 10. There were a couple nice fish around 16 inches or so, but for the most part they probably averaged 12 to 13 inches. No monsters, but it was a great day.

One of the keys we found to getting the most bites, was to constantly switch the color and profile of the plastic baits we were using. It seemed like the fish would get locked on to one type of plastic for a little while, then they would totally abandon it completely. After a quick change to a different type of bait, the bite would pick up again... This type of behavior is something that I have noticed quite often with smallmouth. So the next time you are on the water, and the bite you are on suddenly dies, keep this in mind.

Until next entry, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the pics!

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