Saturday, June 26, 2010

A little fun in the sun... :)

It certainly seemed like a long time coming, but FINALLY... I made it to the beach this past week! Marianne had off work all week and I had a couple days off mid-week, so we packed our beach clothes, our fishing gear, and our pupper dog; and pointed the Pathfinder south towards Ocean City Maryland.

Our time was limited so the trip was only a couple days long, but we had a great time. It was Lucy's first trip to the beach, and we had a lot of fun with her. We found out that she loves the sand and especially loves to dig holes to find the cooler sand down deep. We also found that she likes to chase the receding waves but is a little bit scared of them when they break. Either way it makes for a lot of fun chasing her down towards the water and then running away again when they break, ha ha.Of coarse we did do some fishing while we were there as well... On Tuesday evening Marianne and I spent a couple hours fishing with my good friend Captain Skip Maguire, who runs Skip's Charter Service as well as Skip's Bait and Tackle on Talbot Street in Ocean City (one of the places I worked, when I spent a couple spring/summers living in Ocean City). Skip has a sweet 29 ft. Mako center console, and spends a lot of his days guiding striped bass charters in the Ocean City inlet. Skip and I have been keeping in touch and he has been telling me how good the fishing has been this past spring... So, I was psyched when he offered to take us out for a nice evening of Ocean City striped bass fishing. Skip's good friend, Captian JW Powell accompanied us on the trip as well, and it was a good learning experience to watch JW's live baiting technique as he consistently hooked the larger fish (up to 37 inches) when Marianne and I were generally hooking up smaller fish, 30 inches and under. It was an action packed trip... In the end I don't have a clue how many fish we landed, but I would guess between 15 and 20 during a two hour period, maybe more. It was rare that we had a drift without a fish. We had many doubles and, in fact, on one drift all three of us landed stripers at the same time. I don't get down to Ocean City enough, so it was great to see Skip, and to see Anthony, Dominic and JW as well. It was also great to watch my wifey, Marianne, catch some nice stripers... We had a really great time!

Since this is a fishing blog, I tend to focus more on the fishing, but I should mention that we did spend some good family time at the beach as well. Marianne's mom, twin sisters, and nieces and nephew came down to meet us for a fun day at the beach on Wednesday. We had fun watching a big school of dolphins swim by, and we all spent some time soaking up the sun and playing in the waves. It was very hot weather the two days we were there, but I guess most would consider that good beach weather so we definitely could not complain.At this point I feel like I'm starting to get a little bit long winded so I think I'll just keep things short and close by posting some of the pics from our trip. I hope you have been able to get out and do some fishing recently as well. With the heat that we've had lately, definitely look for fish in their typical summertime patterns wherever you are fishing. Also, with the full moon... nighttime could be the right time. Summer is one of the most important times to pay attention to lunar phase IMHO. Thanks again for visiting the site and for reading! Maybe I'll see you out there on the water.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's summertime! Lots of little largemouths and one wet pupper-dog... :)

Man, it's hard to believe that it is mid-June already... The past couple weeks have gone by so fast. Summer is definitely here, and with it has come a lot of busyness. Marianne and I have been doing a lot of work around the house lately, and also some traveling... to a friend's wedding on the island of St. Lucia (unfortunately no fishing involved... bummer!) I seriously wish that I had a lot of success and big fish reports to share from the past couple weeks, but the fact is I've only been on the water twice.

First, was a quick evening trip that I made to the Juniata a couple weeks ago with my good fishing buddy Mike. Mike and I fished some excellent water that has produced some great results for us in the past, but we only scored just a couple of small fish each on this trip. The water was still pretty cool and slightly dingy from recent rain. I think the flow was a little bit more than optimal for the area that we targeted as well. The few fish that we did catch were on top, with soft plastic jerk baits.

Second, was a nice trip that I made with two of my other favorite fishing buddies... my good friend Chad and my best pupper-dog, Lucy. We trailered the boat to one of our local lakes, and spent about 5 hours motoring around fishing various edges, shoreline structure, and creek channels--targeting largemouth bass. We caught a lot of fish with both of us easily in the double digits... Most (well actually "all") of the fish were small, with the largest being around 12 or 13 inches. Our fish all came on a variety of soft plastic lures--jerk baits, swim baits, and lizards.

Probably the greatest highlight of the trip (at least for me) was finding out how well Lucy could swim, lol. Lucy was standing with me on the front deck as I was fishing and operating the trolling motor. Suddenly, as if on a whim, she decided to leap out of the boat and into the water. She is still a pup, and we really haven't had her in the water defore... but I was happy to see that she had no problem swimming. She doggy paddled a little loop away from the boat and then came back to me... with a lot of yelling of coarse, ha ha. When she got back to the boat I picked her up and pulled her back in where she decided to sit on my lap shake herself off and totally soak me... Oh what fun, lol! In spite of her few moments of misbehaving, she was great the rest of the day and was a lot of fun to have in the boat. She's gonna be a great fishing buddy.

Well, I guess that is all for this entry. Hopefully it won't take me quite so long to get back to you with the next one. As I mentioned before, summer is definitely here. Most of the chores are done around the house, and I am planning to do a lot of fishing this summer... I should finally get to do some saltwater fishing soon, and I'm also hoping to spend a decent amount of time targeting muskies this year. So with A LOT of luck maybe I'll have some great toothy fish action to share with you this summer. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Until next time, thanks for reading and good luck on the water. Maybe I'll see you out there!