Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Central PA mixed bag... and a pleasant surpise! :)

What a fun week of fishing! Well, in all seriousness, I really didn't fish all that much this week. Instead, I made a few quick trips that were scheduled around work and/or other household chores and weekend activities. I'll spare you the details of all the little trips... But I will mention that I did get to fish with two of my favorite fishin' buddies this past week--my Dad and my good friend Chad--and I also fished alone on two separate occasions.

Either I or we, hit just about every type of water that central PA has to offer this past week--creeks, rivers, and lakes... And we also experienced many of the fish that Central PA has to offer-- smallmouth, largemouth, rockbass, yellow perch, brown trout, rainbow trout, fallfish and even had some pretty cool encounters with a couple of tiger muskies!

Just yesterday I had a particularly good trip on the Juniata. Both of the rivers have been up a little bit and off color lately, so I haven't been all that interested in smallmouth fishing. But, I had the morning off work yesterday, so I figured I should go brave the elements (cold front w/rain) and try for a couple bronzebacks. I'm glad I did.

It was just a quick little trip to the river--that didn't last much more than an hour and a few minutes--but it was successful. I worked a long eddy that is about 75 yards from top to bottom, and fished jigs and plastic baits the whole time. I picked off 3 smaller fish in about the first 20 minutes, and then went fishless for about 45 minutes after that. I was just a couple casts away from leaving when I hooked a good fish, which I thought was a carp at first... but as the massive fish went airborn--shaking its head violently--I quickly found out it wasn't a carp. BIG BASS!!! As luck would have it, the hook stayed put where it was supposed too, and after about a minute of fighting I slid her up onto the bank . She turned out to be my new personal best lengthwise, at 21 3/8"s. But she was pretty skinny, with her concave belly... a fairly obvious indication that she was a post-spawn fish. I've caught heavier smallmouth before, but none as long as her. She was a warrior, a hard fighter, and was missing her right eye! After taking a quick pic, and watching her swim away strongly, I packed up my stuff and headed home... an awesome ending to a great week of fishing!


  1. Nice fish! Congrats on the new personal best! Also, I love the picture of "Kevin" with his MONSTER trout. haha

    Great fishing with you over the weekend, bud! Can't wait for many more excursions this summer!

  2. Ha ha! Thanks Dude... That Kevin is a fish catcher, and skilled male model! Blue Steel!

    You've got what, 3 weeks left? Teach those kids good (well :) now b/c were are gonna fish a lot this summer.