Friday, January 22, 2010

So far, NO good... :(

"You should have been here last year..." I keep thinking to myself. Luckily I was... But as for fishing this winter, it has been pretty slow thus far. Since my last entry, I have hit the river a couple of times... But I haven't done much at all in terms of catching. One bass is all I have been able to manage. Last winter, our local river fishing was on fire, with good numbers of bass and walleyes on practically every trip... It sure hasn't been the case this year. My experience so far has been a lot of fishermen and not too many fish, unless you happen to hit the right place at the right time--even then, it hasn't been that great.

I need to change things up--badly. Confidence goes a long way when you are fishing, and right now I have lost it. It is a terrible thing to make a cast, work your lure, and not expect any type of bite or reaction from the fish (if there are even any fish out there). That is where I am at right now... sifting my spoon through an empty bowl of cornflakes. I am in a slump.

If experience has taught me anything, it's that sooner or later I will snap out of it. One of the greatest lessons one can learn as an angler, is that there is no substitute for time on the water. You have to actually be on the water to catch fish. And (generally speaking) it's the guys that spend the most time on the water that end up catching the majority of the fish. It's simple common sense really, but when you are in a slump or down in the dumps, it is too easy to give up and throw in the towel. So just remember, this is a good lesson to come back to--especially when things aren't going your way on the water.

Hopefully, by my next blog entry, I will have had the opportunity to change things up a bit. I will have spent a good amount of time on the water, picked up on a few things that are working, and broken out of my slump. So until next time, no matter what your success has been... keep at it! Thanks for reading and good luck on the water.

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