Friday, November 6, 2009

Fishin' but not much catchin'... (again)

Well... Unfortunately, I don't have much success to share with you since my last blog entry, but it's not for lack of trying. Last weekend Marianne and I took a little trip to Erie with my Mom and Dad. We were hoping to really get into the steelhead, but the steelhead had other plans, ha ha.

I'm not exactly sure what went wrong as far as the catching goes... but I have my hunches. The weather was good, as were the flows in the creek. But there were a lot of fallen leaves in the creek, and the water was stained brown--tea colored. I'm gonna blame the lack of our success on the unfavorable water conditions in the creek, and possibly a foul taste (or bad pH) in the water due to all the tanic acid from the leaves. One thing was for sure, there weren't quite as many fish in the streams as I had expected (with the biggest concentrations farther up the creeks). Worst yet, the fish that were there had a pretty bad case of lock jaw. Between the four of us, we only landed 3 fish. I caught 1 and my Dad caught 2. I'm generally a fairly optomistic person, so I would look for fishing to improved a bit after the next couple high flow events rid the creeks of their dead leaves. Look for some fresh fish to enter the stream at that time and the bite to pick back up.

Still, inspite of the slow fishing, we had a very nice trip. We stayed in a nice hotel, ate some great food, and enjoyed spending qualitly time with family. Unfortunately I don't have many pictures downloaded yet, but I will add them as a I get a chance to download some more in the next couple of days.

As far as fishing goes locally... I haven't hit the river in about two weeks, but water conditions are just about perfect right now. So I'm hoping to get out soon and do some searching for some walleyes, smallmouth or whatever other critters feel like chomping on one of my lures. Till next time, thanks for reading and good luck on the water!

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