Monday, October 26, 2009

Wet weather, walleyes, and some bass...

With the weird weather we've been having lately, it's been a little bit tough to find a decent opportunity to get out and fish. Still, my Dad and I were able to get out for a few hours on Friday morning this past week, before the rain began...AGAIN!

With the front moving in, we decided to hit the river with hopes of picking up a couple cool water walleyes and some bass. Action wasn't fast, but we each caught a couple. Dad started out the morning with a pretty little smallmouth bass. Not long after, I hooked into a decent walleye. After that, our rolls were solidified for the day. He would be the bass catcher (with 3) and I would be the walleye catcher (with 2), lol. Though it wasn't a great day in terms of productivity, but we did have a lot fun and enjoyed a beautiful, fall morning on the river.

Here's a few pics...

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