Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fishing... But not always catching :(

If you've done much fishing in your life, I am sure you have learned that spending time on the water does not always equate to catching fish. This past week I had another hard-earned lesson in fishing... But not catching.

This past Tuesday night my Brother-in-law Chad, and I, made a quick trip down to Point Pleasant, New Jersey to spend the next day fishing on the "Cock Robin"--a party boat that sails out of Manasquan Inlet. Our objective for the day was to fish for false albacore, and catch as many as we possibly could. The previous Wednesday the boat ran a false albacore special trip and had and outstanding day... crushing the fish! Needless to say, we had high hopes for our trip.

Unfortunately, the weather was a little bit messed up and albies didn't come out to play... at least not on our lines. A few people on the boat did catch fish, but we were not among them. We got the skunk, and it wasn't for lack of effort. We fished hard the entire trip. On the ride home we decided that it's trips like these (meaning skunks) that make the successful ones seem even sweeter. So even though our spirits were low, there was still hope for the next time.

Luckily, I had yesterday off of work and was able to get out on the water to make up for the slow albie fishing trip. My Dad, my nephew Bailey, and I took a trip out to do some wading and fishing in the Susquehanna. The action wasn't hot and heavy, but we were all able to jig up a couple of fish. We caught mainly smallmouth and fallfish, but Dad did manage to snag a small walleye. We were hoping for a couple more walleyes, but I'm afraid we were fishing a little bit too early in the day for how bright the sky was. We'll get more next time. Thanks again for reading.

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