Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Vineyard '09

It's been a while since I posted, but lucky for me I have a good reason... I've been FISHING! Okay, not just fishing... Actually, I've been vacationing--with a little bit of fishing mixed in of coarse. ;)

Due to this past Monday being Labor Day, we had some extra time to have some fun this past week. So, Marianne and I took the opportunity to spend a few days with my parents on Martha's Vineyard. Fortunately for us, the good Lord blessed us with awesome weather. The air temperatures were cool, the water was warm, and we did not have to deal with a bit of rain on our entire trip. We did experience a decent amount of wind at times, but that is basically par for the coarse on the Vineyard.

As always, the Vineyard never disappoints... The scenery was beautiful (as always), the fishing was good, as well as the company and of coarse the food was excellent. I have never visited the Vineyard and returned disappointed, I simply don't think it is possible.

As far as fishing goes, we had a very successful trip. We were targeting mainly striped bass and false albacore. As luck would have it we struck out on the albies (with only one decent opportunity), but the striper fishing was good and each one of us took our turn at catching some nice fish. In fact, the ladies did awesome on this trip! It was exciting to watch Marianne hook and land her very first striped bass and her first bluefish as well--I am so proud of her, she did great! Not to be outdone, my mom did awesome on this trip as well. In true motherly fashion, she let the rest of us catch our fish first--waiting until the last outing when she decided it was time to show us how it's done. She caught 3 nice stripers and the rest of us caught zero! She skunked us!

I could go on about the places that we fished and the tides and baits we used, but this was a very refreshing trip and I don't want to kill this report with too much verbiage. Instead I would rather let the pictures speak for themselves. So here you go, these are some of the best pictures from our trip. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

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