Friday, July 10, 2009

Breaking in the yaks...

I'll keep this short... but I was able to get out for a little bit the past couple days. Yesterday my nephew Bailey and I did some paddling around and fishing for some largemouths. We found some, and even caught a few of them. Nothing big, but some purty little green bass. Oh, and we also saw a musky too... Can't wait to get back out after him. :)

Marianne and I went out for a couple hours this morning as well. Today was her first trip in her new kayak... and she did really well in it. In fact, she caught more bass than I did. I'm really enjoying fishing for these largemouths. It is a lot of fun. Pretty much all the fish we've been catching have been on soft plastic baits... either Yamamoto senkos or Zoom lizards. I love the way a largemouth will come up and blast a lizard dragged across the top.

I have three days off this coming weekend... but I'm not sure how much fishing I am gonna get done. We are going to be picking up a new member of our family tomorrow. Her name is Lucy, and she is a mini-goldendoodle. Once we become aquanted, I'll be introducing you to her very shortly. Thanks for reading!

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