Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's been a little while since I made it back here... but that is a good thing because it means I have actually been fishing and not just surfing around online, haha.

I had Tuesday, Wednesday, and most of Thursday off of work this past week, so I planned a little fishing excursion to Island Beach State Park, in New Jersey... hoping to capitalize on the big striped bass that had been crashing schools of bunker there. After checking out the weather, I knew I would be taking a risk as a cold front was moving in and the forecast didn't look to promising. Unfortunately the outstanding reports posted online... and big fish pics from previous days, had me talked into going in spite of the forecast. Bummer for me... I drove through the night, and was a greeted Tuesday morning by NE winds gusting to 30mph and white foamy surf... not great conditions for fishing beachfront. SO... I turned around and headed right back home to PA. I settled into my bed at 10:45 am on Tuesday and figured I'd hit the river Wednesday and Thursday instead.

It was a good move. Fishing wasn't great in the river, but I did end up with about a dozen decent smallmouth up to 19 inches, one walleye, and a couple of gizzard shad.

I was pretty excited to find the gizzard shad in the Susquehanna, were I was fishing. The spot is pretty far upriver on the susky and the shads' presence means that the migratory fish have arrived to this section of the river, and there is always a possibility of hooking up with a striped bass... which may have followed the shad up from the lower river or Chesapeake bay.

Hoping for a striper, I spent a little time casting a metal-lipped surface swimmer from Tattoo Tackle. On about my third cast, I got a hit... from a nice smallmouth. It wasn't a striper but I was happy. An 18 1/2 inch smallie on a striper plug... Pretty dang cool. I took a picture of the fish, and sent it on its way. A little while later I caught another smallmouth on my striper plug, this one 17 inches.

I didn't get to do any saltwater fishing this past week as I had planned, but I had a great time anyway... and made up for it, with doing some saltwater-type fishing in the fresh--and it paid off!

I'll try to post some pics in the next couple of days. I doesn't look like I will be hitting the river for a while, as we just recieved some serious rain yesterday. Right now the river looks looks like chocolate milk and is rising fast! I'm thinking pics are probably going to have to do for the next few days. Thanks for reading!

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